About Us

Why The Continued Struggle?

People of Color have made a lot of contributions to American history, culture, and civil rights which are often forgotten about, untold, or misrepresented.

I created these t-shirts to educate on the important contributions that People of Color have made in our history.  I have chosen important historical people and moments that are hidden, prohibited, or overlooked in conventional textbooks and in history classrooms.  From Imhotep, to the Revolutionary War, to the Civil Rights movements of the 1900’s, these t-shirts tell a story of People of Color in America that we want everyone to know.

I ask that you wear my t-shirts to inspire conversations about People of Color’s important contributions to American history.  We have a lot more designs and t-shirts coming, so check back often or sign up for our email list.  We are obligated to know our history and to know ourselves.

About Me

My name is John Williams and I enjoy reading history books of the world which helped me understand the true history that I was not taught in High School.  I grew up in Nyack, New York and worked in construction and the food industry for the past decade.  I love working with food, but due to a medical condition, I had to change professions and decided to start my own business selling these t-shirts.