Imhotep was a multi-genius: a priest, doctor, deity, mathematician, architect, philosopher, and an astrologer.  As an advisor to the Egyptian King Zoser, he used temples as hospitals, which in fact were the first recorded hospitals.  The caduceus, which is associated with first aid and medical care, was created by Imhotep.

As an African, Imhotep made immense contributions to black history and the advancement of Egyptians, in particular to the field of medicine.  In this field, he had his own pharmacy, hospital, created medical devices (scissors, stethoscope, and scalpel), performed eye surgery, and identified over 200 different diseases.

T-shirt comes with The Continued Struggle logo (4″ width) on front and “Imhotep” design on back (actual size of print may vary according to size of t-shirt). Printed on Pre-shrunk 100% ringspun cotton. Sand color.

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