The Ghost of Racism


The Ghost of Racism is the ghost you never see but is always present. While the common narrative is that racism does not exist among police and in politics, the actions which we have seen throughout our entire history implies the ghost of racism is ever-present. This image purposely has faceless characters, because it is their actions—not their faces—which raise the questions of race-related injustices and motivations.
This t-shirt is meant to start a conversation that racism is a political construct. Let us be clear – we are not implying that all police and politicians are racist. We are implying that significant actions of these figures continue to support racial injustice.

The first step for change is acknowledging that the ghost of racism is still affecting our lives and our progress. This shirt may be controversial due to its implications, and I hope to inspire tough conversations that promote understanding and ultimately a more just and accepting society.

T-shirt comes with The Continued Struggle logo (4″ width) on front and “The Ghost of Racism” design on back (actual size of print may vary according to size of t-shirt). Printed on Pre-shrunk 100% ringspun cotton.

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